An altitude of 1,307m makes Soriška planina a perfect starting point for many shorter and longer trips. From the parking place under the Brunarica cabin you can embark on one of easy hiking routes and head for nearby peaks that offer fantastic views, such as Dravh (1,548m) and Lajnar (1,549m), Slatnik (1609 m), all the way to Možic (1,603m) and further on to Šavnik (1,516m).

More experienced hikers can make their way further towards the east, across Vrh Bače to Kobla (1,450m) and perhaps even to Črna prst (1,792m). Hiking trails also open towards the east, across Danjarska planina to a 1,679m high lookout location Altemaver, and further on to the hut on Ratitovec (1,667m).

Hikers can explore the mountain scenery either in summer or in winter. In winter we recommend you check the weather forecast before you head out and wear appropriate equipment. For more information on selected tours you can turn to the obliging staff at Brunarica.